Real estate and Construction

Real estate and commercial property law 

  • Assistance throughout the buying & selling of property process; construction and long-term leases; relations with architects, estate agents, insurers etc.
  • Assistance in real estate and commercial property disputes.
  • Negotiation, drafting and transfer of commercial or specific lease agreements.
  • Transfer and dismemberment of property rights: sale, inheritance, contributions to real estate companies, community liquidation, usufruct, life annuity, right of first refusal, seizures…
  • Management of the real estate, conflicts between co-owners or shareholders, court-appointed guardians or administrators.

Construction law

  • Drafting of contracts (contractors, subcontractors, developers…).
  • Advice and judicial and administrative litigation related to the conclusion and performance of contracts.
  • Handling of all difficulties that may be encountered during the construction phase (claims, accidents, interruption of work, all disputes).
  • Enforcement and monitoring of preventive summary proceedings.
  • Emergency and expert procedures.
  • Assistance during the execution of the works and at key stages.
  • Litigation concerning civil liability and neighbourhood disturbances.
  • Audit and litigation of the implementation of bonds and insurance guarantees

Real estate management and co-ownership

  • Representation in all disputes relating to co-ownership (disputes between co-owners, co-ownership regulations, co-ownership contributions).
  • Assistance to co-ownership trustees in advice and litigation in their relations with co-owners, third parties, suppliers, etc.
  • Emergency measures if the safeguarding of the building is in question.
  • Neighbourhood disturbances.

Corporate and Commercial

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

Court Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation