Information Technology and Intellectual Property

Information technology

  • Core contracts in IT projects (cloud computing, managed services, integration, ERP, TMA/TME, hosting, licensing, open source, etc.).
  • Electronic communications and telecommunications (online publications, e-reputation, social networks, cybersecurity, digital marketing, etc.).
  • Protection and commercialisation of digital creations.
  • IT contracts litigation.
  • Data and database (big data, open data, metadata, databases, etc.).

Data protection

  • Personal data and privacy.
  • GDPR compliance audits, mapping, contractualization with partners.
  • “Tailor-made” training, employees awareness workshops.
  • Appointment to the CNIL as Data Protection Officer (DPO), external assistance to in house DPO.
  • Assistance in CNIL and foreign data protection authorities compliance investigation.

Intellectual Property

  • Protection and commercialisation of IP rights, management of IP rights portfolios, on-demand monitoring and surveillance.
  • Partnership, cooperation, R&D, consortium, transfers/licenses agreements, etc.
  • Copyright law in particular in the art market law (cultural assets, art foundations, public auctions).
  • Domain names: reservation, monitoring, negotiation, cybersquatting.
  • Know-how, trade secrets, counterfeiting.

Corporate and Commercial

Real Estate and Construction

Court Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation