Court Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Court Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Assistance of our clients before all civil, commercial, employment and administrative courts of first instance and appeal, and in enforcement proceedings (seizures of movable and immovable property, etc.).
  • Assistance to our clients in all experts determination proceedings (industry, construction, IT, accounting and financial), amicable or court-ordered.
  • Assistance and representation of our clients in all institutional or ad hoc arbitrations; assistance in the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.
  • ADR: assistance and representation of our clients in all mediation or conciliation procedures, whether agreed or court-ordered.

Business and international criminal law 

  • Assistance and representation in defense or as victim in all phases of criminal proceedings and trial hearings.
  • Media law (libel and other press offences).
  • Assistance in extradition and European arrest warrant proceedings (in defense of the person being prosecuted or as Counsel of the requesting State).
  • Training in criminal risk for company managers, adapted to their sector of activity.

Corporate and Commercial

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

Real Estate and Construction