News Coronavirus

During this period of sanitary crisis and lockdown, our team remains fully committed to assist and advise you in each area specifically impacted by the enacted measures related to Covid-19.

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Contracts – The consequences of this crisis situation may require a renegotiation of terms and conditions of current contracts with suppliers, trade partners or customers: financial conditions, delivery schedules, suspension, postponement, termination, etc.

Cybersecurity – This unprecedented period intensifies exposure to the risks of cyberattacks and other fraudulent manoeuvres, requiring the implementation of strong and immediate actions that are coordinated by our team in partnership with specialized experts (private investigator, IT security consultant, bailiff, etc.).

Cash flow, financial difficulties – As traders, entrepreneurs or landowners, the current situation can jeopardize your assets operational activity or existence (due payments of rent, early notice given, loan amortizations, etc.).

Courts and legal proceedings – Legal proceedings are strongly impacted by the sanitary crisis and the lockdown. Most courts activity is interrupted, while some operate further to ordinances that created a derogatory regime applicable during the lockdown period. In these circumstances, our team can assist you in preparing your cases and anticipating the return of a normal judicial activity, or advise you on alternative dispute resolution routes (mediation, conciliation, arbitration).

ADR (Alternative Disputes Resolution) – In certain situation, due to the consequences of the current sanitary crisis, it may be advisable to decide for a quick and pragmatic solution to try to solve a dispute. Our team can assist you in the selection of the appropriate ADR route, in order to reach a negotiated or adjudicated solution to an existing or a nascent dispute which will be more suited to your immediate economic imperatives.

Real Estate and real property co-ownership – Real estate credits, sales, rents and insurance, postponement of general meetings, continuity of works already decided, etc., are but a few of issues directly impacted by the current crisis and for which our team can assist you, with our expertise, in keeping up with the latest legislative and administrative provisions lately decided to face the current situation.

Employment law – Partial activity, teleworking, specific health and security measures and conditions at work, employer liability, redundancies, restructuring plans, etc. Many issues, some of them unprecedented, arise in employment law as a consequence of the sanitary crisis. We can assist you in dealing with them or in facing possible litigation.

Companies AGM and board meetings – the current and possibly enduring restrictions on travel and activity, as a consequence of the sanitary crisis, are likely to affect the usual organisation of annual general meetings of commercial companies, including for SMEs. Should you hold a meeting “behind closed doors”, decide for a written consultation or for a postponement by law or on prior request? Several ordinances have provided for specific arrangements. However, these must be analysed in light of each company characteristics and issues. We can advise you in these choices and assist you in their implementation.